De Alde Feanen National Park covers an expansive area and is very varied, so there are lots of ways to explore it. Whether your preference is walking, cycling, sailing, or gliding over the water in a SUP board or canoe, each option has its own special qualities. There are plenty of trails you can follow to discover the best De Alde Feanen has to offer. This page lists the trails mentioned on the website.


  • The Wikelslân Walk: 3 or 5 kilometres; map is available at the visitor centre or
  • The Dichtenspaad Walk: 8, 17 or 25 kilometres, leads past 18 panels with poems around Oudega; map is available at
  • The Paad troch Grou Walk: takes you past 21 historic buildings in the village of Grou; map available at bookstore Bruna and the VVV in Grou.
  • Backpack walks: different distances for children, maps available from the visitor centre.

Disabled, wheelchair users and prams

Although many walks are not easily accessible for the disabled, wheelchair users or prams, fortunately there are some alternatives: From the visitor centre, it is possible to get to Jan Durkspolder via the cycle path alongside the Lytse Mar, and the bird hide there is accessible. In addition, there is a paved path in It Pettebosk, the educational forest.

Bike rides

You may bring your own bike of course, but there are also electric and conventional bikes for rental. There are several charging points for e-bikes. On the map, you can find the bike rental points under the filter ‘doen’ (activities). The hosts of the park will also be happy to help you out.

SUP-board and canoe trails

Water trails

  • Sloeproute Noord (Northern Sloop Trail): about 3.5 hours sailing along Warten, Wergae and Grou; map available from
  • Freek Vonk Audio Trail: 15 or 20 km with sloop or canoe; available via the Izitravel app.

Boat Rental

If you’re interested in renting a boat, view our map and select the ‘doen’ (activities) filter

Tourist Switch Point

In De Alde Feanen, there are several Tourist Switch Points (Toeristisch Overstap Punten – TOPs) where you can park and which mark the starts of various trails. An information board shows recreational opportunities. These TOPs are shown on the map.