There’s endless fun for children to be had in De Alde Feanen, such as looking for pond-life, playing survival, taking the ferry to and fro, acting out pirates on a real pirate ship, and lots more! There are lots of things to do for children of all ages.

Visitor Centre

The starting point for lots of children’ activities is De Alde Feanen National Park Visitor Centre, where the interactive installation teaches children about how De Alde Feanen came into existence.

In good weather, the Hands-on Experience Garden is waiting for children outside, where they can have fun discovering things through playing and doing. The visitor centre is also the starting point for backpack walks, which are suitable for families with children from 4 to 14 years old.

It Pettebosk

It Pettebosk is the nature education forest in De Alde Feanen National Park, and is actually a kind of miniature version of the park itself. Here, children and adults can get acquainted with the nature in De Alde Feanen in an informal way.

Skûtsje Museum

During a visit to the Skûtsje Museum in Earnewâld, children can go back in time with activities such as hoisting bags, walking in the ‘beage’, rope knots, throwing trusses, and so on. In the museum, they can learn about how children of skippers used to live on the skûtsjes.

Learn to sail

As they say, you can never start too young! In De Alde Feanen, children can begin honing their sailing skills from the age of 7.

Pirate playground

Ship ahoy! In the centre of Earnewâld, there’s a real pirate playground, where you can leave the playing entirely to the imagination of your children.

Freek Vonk Route

Are you going to sail with children, but worried they’ll get bored quickly? Freek Vonk will keep them occupied until they set foot on dry land again! Tip: rental companies also have life jackets for children.

Children’s parties

Activities such as backpack walks, the Low-rope Survival Trail or Studying Owl Pellets are perfect for children’s parties. Alternatively, they can try out paintballing, canoeing or swimming by a lakeside beach.

Youth guide

Fun and educational youth activities are organised during school holidays. Check the excursion calendar for an overview of the current activities. All kinds of school trips to De Alde Feanen National Park are also possible. A nature guide accompanies the group on its travels all day! Take a look at our page about school trips.

To find out more about the locations of playgrounds, lakeside beaches and other places for children, simply check out our map!