Group activities

Are you in a group and looking for a fun activity? There’s plenty of choice! Group outings in De Alde Feanen range from mucking around in the water to outdoor games where you’ll need every ounce of your energy.

Are you a trendsetter? Then be sustainable and go for a ride on swing trikes, e-scooters or kick scooters. You can even e-off-road over gravel paths, meadows, and woodland strips, and zigzag through cornfields. If you prefer to go on the water, you could go sailing, try out an e-sloop, go a tour boat, or try sailing on a traditional skûtsje or pramm. There are also lots of active games available, such as an escape room, survival and paintball.

School trips and youth activities

Nothing is better than getting today’s youth enthusiastic about De Alde Feanen National Park. After all, they’re the ambassadors of the future, so natural science education is extremely important. The visitor centre organises youth activities for all ages and seasons.

Skûtsje sailing

For a unique water experience with a Frisian touch, try sailing a skûtsje or pramm. Experience is useful, but not essential. Your group will always be given professional guidance. Sailing in a skûtsje or pramm is a great idea for a family outing, teambuilding or bachelor party, among others.

Corporate events

Are you looking for a meeting venue, or need a place for some other corporate event? In De Alde Feanen National Park, you’ll be able to clear heads and get over any deadlocks, make new plans or enter new business relations.

Where is this possible?

Did we get you thinking? And do you want to know where you can go for these activities? Then look at our map. Do you want to know more? Pop in to a tourist information point, or ask one of our hosts about everything on offer.