Water sports: Sailing

In De Alde Feanen, there are endless possibilities for water sport enthusiasts to get their adrenalin flowing. Do you love hearing the breeze in the sails? On a windy day, De Alde Feanen is the perfect place for sailing and surfing on the bigger lakes, such as De Grutte Krite and De Saiterpetten. These lakes’ waters are deep enough for larger boats. Sailing on the smaller canals is not ideal, because of the shallow water and reeds and trees growing along the banks.

You may bring your own boat to De Alde Feanen, but it is also possible to rent various types of yacht. In addition, there are sailing and surfing lessons for all ages, either in groups or one-on-one.

How about a fun water activity with a group? One uniquely Frisian experience is sailing in a skûtsje. Experience is useful, but not essential. If you go skûtsje sailing with a group, you will always be guided by professionals. Skûtsje sailing is ideal for family outings, teambuilding and bachelor parties.

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