Water sports: Boat trips

The best way to explore De Alde Feanen National Park is from the water. If you want to be transported by boat, there are several options. An experienced skipper at the helm gives you every opportunity to enjoy the surroundings, take photos or chat with friends.

Boat trips

If a boat trip appeals to you, it’s a great way of discovering all the most beautiful places in the park at your leisure. On your way, you can enjoy a barbecue or wine tasting. Of course, there are also trips without extras, where you can enjoy the nature around you in peace. Boat tours are also perfect for groups.

It Fryske Gea organises trips in De Blaustirns, its silent e-boat . The boat, which runs on solar energy, can accommodate twenty-five people. If you’re looking for a group activity in poor weather, De Blaustirns is always a good option.

Traditional De Alde Feanen

Another option for a relaxed day on the water is to have an experienced sailor take you on a tour in the familiar skûtsje. Would you rather take the helm and make it an active day? No problem!

How about something completely different, such as an exciting night trip? You can board a sloop or pramm with a small group, and sail off into the dark, where you’ll see the park’s nightlife awakening. You might even hear the call of a bittern, while the skipper tells a special story about De Alde Feanen.

Pramm sailing is ideal for a group, where you could join an eel fisherman, for example, and listen to him talking passionately about his profession while he empties his traps.

If you’re exploring De Alde Feanen on foot or 2 wheels, but need to cross the water from time to time, take the ferry! Crossing is very cheap: you can get to the other side for one euro. It’s also something that kids love, too!

If you’re interested in going on a boat trip, view our map and select the ‘doen’ (activities) filter.