Water sports: you at the helm

For those who enjoy taking the helm, De Alde Feanen is ideal. You can bring your own boat, or rent a conventional sloop, e-sloop or motor yacht. Be captain for a day, and experience total peace and freedom on the water!

For a day trip or a trip of a few hours, you can rent a conventional or electric sloop. You will be rewarded with beautiful views over the water from a sloop, and you can access more remote places and even try out the special electric-only trail in an e-sloop. Venturing off the beaten path? No problem, because you’re the skipper of your own boat.

If you have children who are big fans of famous biologist Freek Vonk, the Freek Vonk Audio Trail is a great idea. Through the IziTravel app, Vonk enthusiastically explains the nature around you in his own inimitable way. There are two water trails: one 15-km long, the other 20-km.

In De Alde Feanen, you can rent motor yachts without the need for a sailing licence. A beautiful overnight stay! In one of these cruisers, you can sail from event to event. Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland, is a short sailing distance from De Alde Feanen.

Water Trails

  • Sloeproute Noord (Northern Sloop Trail): about 3.5 hours sailing along Warten, Wergae and Grou; map available from www.earnewald-routes.nl.
  • Freek Vonk Audio Trail: 15 or 20 km; available via the IziTravel app.

Various maps of water trails are available from the visitor centre and earnewâld-routes.nl.

If you’d like to know where you can rent boats, view our map and select the ‘doen’ (activities) filter.