Water sports: Manually powered

How about exploring De Alde Feanen by canoe or kayak, or together on a pedal boat, or balancing on a SUP board? Guaranteed fun! The great thing about these activities is that everyone can manage them, even novices. After the first few metres, you’ll be gliding over the water as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Various canoe and SUP-board trails that are inaccessible with larger boats have been mapped out in De Alde Feanen, and take you to all the best spots in this unique National Park.

Trail 1 | Jan Durkspolder

One of the water trails (7 km) passes through the Jan Durkspolder. It’s a basic water trail, but incredibly beautiful. The Jan Durkspolder is famous for its rich variety of birdlife, so put down your paddle from time to time to enjoy the sounds of nature all around you.

Trail 2 | Northeast along De Alde Feanen

Another water trail (12 kilometres) starts at Hollema Rental Company, and runs along the northeast part of De Alde Feanen. This trail is fairly quiet in terms of other vessels on the water, making it perfect for those seeking peace and quiet who want to take their binoculars with them!

Other water trails

Other water trail maps are available at the visitor centre in Earnewâld and www.earnewald-routes.nl. The site includes a map of a great SUP-board trail. Those who rent out canoes and paddle boards often give out maps of trails, too. Another alternative is to go with a guide, which is handy for those who want to know more about the surroundings, but are not that interested in map-reading.

If you’re interested in finding out more about all the activities you can do alone on the water, view our map and select the ‘Activities’ filter.