Churches and national monuments

Fans of old buildings will really love De Alde Feanen! There are a number of unusual church buildings and national monuments that are well worth visiting.

Church buildings

There are several old church buildings in De Alde Feanen, such as the Sint Martinus Church in Wergea, a unique neo-Gothic church built between 1860 and 1862 which can be viewed on appointment. The former Dutch Reformed Church is also located in Wergea. In the 1970s and 80s, this church was converted into a small theatre. There are two church buildings in Earnewâld; the Agnes Church, dating from 1794, and the Reformed Church. Another must for lovers of unusual churches is the Saint Peter’s Church in Grou, which dates back to the 13th century.

National Monuments

Grou is home to no less than 43 buildings listed as national monuments. Most are houses or farms, but the list also includes some church buildings and three windmills. The former Town Hall of Idaarderadeel is now a museum, with a collection that includes porcelain, gold and silver.

In Earnewâld, It Kokelhûs fan Jan en Sjut is a registered national monument, and this former home of Jan and Sjut van den Berg is now a museum. The Reformed Church and tower in Earnewâld is also on the list of national monuments,

as is 12th-century St. Agatha Church in Oudega. The latter is listed together with the tower and the cemetery.

In Warten, there are five national monuments, including two windmills, a church, and De Greidbuorkerij. De Greidbuorkerij is the last remaining grass farm in Friesland, and now part of Warten Museum.

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