Alde Feanen Challenge

De Alde Feanen Challenge on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August 2018

In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, this event attracted lots of enthusiasm and team spirit. The natural obstacles in the wetlands really challenged the participants in all kinds of areas; running over marshy terrain, canoeing through narrow bog holes and open water, tough and prolonged mountain biking, not to mention the heavy showers alternating with beautiful summer weather. Great conditions for a race through natural surroundings.

And in 2018 we’re doing it all over again! The fifth edition of De Alde Feanen Challenge, an adventure race through the heart of beautiful De Alde Feanen National Park will be held on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August 2018! If you’d like to experience nature and sports at the same time, register as a duo for this special event!

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The Segments

The Challenge is divided into a 12-hour and a 6-hour race. There are 2 members in each team, who do everything together. The race consists of segments such as canoeing, scootering, mountain biking, running and swimming (the exact events will be defined later).

Open Dutch Championships

The 12-hour race is part of the DARS (Dutch Adventure Race Series), and in 2018 the Open Dutch Championships are being held in De Alde Feanen Challenge! That means you stand a chance of becoming Dutch champion if you participate in the 12-hour race. The 12-hour race starts with an evening prologue on Saturday 25 August. Then everyone spends the night together, with the race continuing at sunrise. The exact times will be published shortly.

Provisional Programme

Saturday 25 August:

18:00 Briefing at the visitor centre
19:00 Start prologue – 12-hour race
22:00 pm Finish at the visitor centre

Sunday 26 August:

06:00 Start of 12-hour and 6-hour races at the visitor centre
15:00 Finish at the visitor centre
16:30 Prize-giving ceremony & dinner.


For each section, the team receives a card with checkpoints. Using the map, the teams determine the best route to reach the checkpoints. During each section of the race, the teams also carry out special tasks (such as swing-over, monkey hanging, net climbing, archery, etc.) which can earn extra points. The team with the most points within the maximum time wins the Challenge.

The approximate maximum distances are shown below. The distances show that a team has passed every checkpoint; these distances will be shorter for teams which have not done so. Both team members do each segment together.


  • It Fryske Gea
  • VN
  • De Alde Feanen National Park


  • Is this a non-stop race?
  • Are topographic maps used?
  • Do we have to draw our coordinates ourselves?
  • Is there any mandatory equipment?
    Yes, it is listed in the regulations. The regulations wil be posted on the website in July.
  • What are the prizes?
    Symbolic prizes, not cash prizes.
  • What kind of food and drink should we bring with us?
    The teams are personally responsible for food and drinks. A meal after the race is included in the price.
  • What should we take with us?
    The regulations list things participants have to take with them. You will be e-mailed this list with plenty of time to spare.
  • What are the special tasks?
    We’d rather not announce all the special tasks in advance, but they are segments that everyone can do. It is not mandatory to perform all the special tasks, but the more you do, the more points you get.
  • How can we cancel our registration?
    Cancellations must be sent by email only ( The following refund scheme applies:

    100% in case of cancellation up to and including 30 days before the event;
    50% if cancelled up to and including 15 days before the event;
    0% if you cancel 14 days or less before the event.

Yes, I want to register my team!

Register your team here. You can see who will be competing on the page with participating teams. Registration is possible until 15 August.


12-hour: € 120 per team.
6-hour: € 100 per team.

For both races, there is room for 40 teams. Hurry! First come, first served!
Minimum age for participation is 16 years.

Please note: 12-hour and 6-hour races are separate competition categories, with their own results and prizes! If there is enough interest, the categories will be split further into men, ladies and mixed.


Bezoekerscentrum Nationaal Park De Alde Feanen
Koaidyk 8a, Earnewâld
T: 0511-539618